Environment Artist | Internship Program: DynaKinetix

Dynakinetix is currently looking for a talented environment artist to join our team. As Environment Artist you will be in charge of creating a wide range of photorealistic environments in futuristic settings, covering physicalized objects and destruction models. DAILY...

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Rigging Artist| Internship Program: DynaKinetix

As the Character Rigging and Animation Artist, you’ll be responsible for animating and creating an efficient character & creature rigging system for the project. Your background demonstrates a working knowledge of the tools required to bring our content to life on...

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VFX Artist | Internship Program: DynaKinetix

We are on the search for a talented VFX Artist to join the team and become an integral part of the creation of our Proof of Concept Project.  If you are as passionate about quality VFX, pushing creativity, and taking immersion to new levels, then we’d love to hear...

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Internship Program: DynaKinetix

DynaKinetix is a part of the Graphic Monk Ltd companies, a multi-talented creative production house. Under the umbrella of Graphic Monk, DynaKinetix adds value to the other parts of the production business. As creatives, we found that not all projects have the luxury...

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