Rigging Artist | Internship Program: DynaKinetix

Rigging Artist| Internship Program: DynaKinetix

As the Character Rigging and Animation Artist, you’ll be responsible for animating and creating an efficient character & creature rigging system for the project. Your background demonstrates a working knowledge of the tools required to bring our content to life on a variety of platforms. You’ll need to have strong communication and time management skills to ensure that assets are created efficiently and in a timely manner throughout the production stage ready for Motion Capture Testing.

Strong Maya, Unity 3D or other game engine and scripting knowledge are essential as you will be a driving force in getting robust, functional rigs into the hands of the animators, and ensuring rigs pass through into the engine cleanly and ready for other departments to work with.

We will need to see examples of your work. Please include a link to your portfolio demonstrating animation, abilities in rigging, scripting, along with proficiency in tools or plug-in design. Character and prop rigs are best for demonstration purposes.

The internship is UNPAID with a view of PROFIT SHARE / PROJECT SHARE OPPORTUNITY in the project when the project gets monetized. The team members will have full rights to showcase the work towards their portfolio and experience.

If you feel you have the right mix of skills, attitude and a willingness to learn and grow with a team, then apply using the form below and tell us why you would be the best candidate to work on the project.


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