Democratizing Performance Capture

Empower your content with Motion Capture, Full Body Performance Capture for Film, Games, Animation, VFX and more…

We are your Motion Performance Capture partners for Gaming, Animation, VFX, AR, VR.

Our Philosophy Is To Provide Quality.

Full immersive platforms demand a re-think in how to capture human performances so they are believable, emotional, and exciting. Performance Capture / Motion Capture doesn’t have to break the bank any longer. We believe in bring the tools used in Hollywood Productions of mega blockbuster productions to you.

The Smartsuit Pro enables you to record actors and performers to create virtual and mixed reality experiences that feel more real. Bring powerful and enchanting performances to life to create original experiences and stories for Games VFX, VR/AR, Film Productions and more.

Providing the TOOLS, You Need For Creative Visual Content


An entire motion capture studio in one marker-less suit enables creators on all levels to turn any space into a professional motion capture stage anywhere, anytime and at short notice.


The technology behind the Motion Capture system is wireless and with a range of up to 100 meters, thus eradicating the need of bulky wire systems. This enables anyone to capture human motion data anywhere.

What we do?


We work with projects of all size, as part of Graphic Monk, we’ve worked with big names, but believe in ideas that start out small.

From pre-production to production to post production, we have all the talent to call upon to make your creative ideas come to life. We believe in creative freedom and no project is too big or small.



Performance Capture Service Guide