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Internship Program: DynaKinetix

DynaKinetix is a part of the Graphic Monk Ltd companies, a multi-talented creative production house. Under the umbrella of Graphic Monk, DynaKinetix adds value to the other parts of the production business.

As creatives, we found that not all projects have the luxury of mega-production budgets and often have very creative teams behind them. Virtual productions help achieve multiple goals like Previz, VFX, Green Screen, 3D Assets, Performance Capture and more.

We are currently working on a “Proof of Concept Project” by identifying emerging technologies for a narrative driven, fully immersive, cinematic game development project. We are looking to put a small core team together to work on the “Proof of Concept” MVP Demo project.

The Proof Of Concept would be based on using unique emerging technologies like Markerless Motion Capture systems to capture realistic performance for character rigging, 3D Digital Photogrammetry Scanning for realistic, high definition character creation, film and cinematic camera work with intriguing game narrative.

We want to bring the “independent AAA proposition” to develop a case study for the Game & Film Industry in New Zealand while concentrating on the Indie Game Developers and Filmmakers.

We are looking for startups, indie game developers, film VFX artists, recent graduates and final year students with interest in 3D Character and Environmental Design, Game Development, Cinematic Camera design, Game programming, Costume Design and more.

A keen interest in Gaming, Photography & Film is required as well as good knowledge of 3D game engines like CryEngine / Unity3D / Unreal is essential. Gameplay design & programming, basic motion capture understanding & how to use the captured data for character rigging, facial animation and performance capture, character development, texturing, prototyping, and more

We are looking for recent graduates and final year students, startups, indie designers/developers for this project to work together to learn more about industry practices and develop skill sets in emerging technologies like motion performance capture, 3D Scanning, Animation packages and lots more.

The internship is UNPAID with a view of PROFIT SHARE / PROJECT SHARE OPPORTUNITY in the project when the project gets monetized. The team members will have full rights to showcase the work towards their portfolio and experience.

If you feel you have the right mix of skills, attitude and a willingness to learn and grow with a team, then apply using the form below and tell us why you would be the best candidate to work on the project.


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