Partnership Announcement: DynaKinetix + Rokoko

We are delighted to announce the partnership between our parent company Graphic Monk Ltd & Rokoko Electronics to help democratize motion capture and bring the power of full body motion capture as used by big Hollywood studios,for game, animation, vfx, ar, vr, films and more to the individual indie developers and creators.

We are now the authorised dealers for the SmartSuit Pro, Virtual Production Kits, Facial Capture, Smart Gloves and more coming to the marketplace from the magic labs of ROKOKO.

We now offer Studio Motion Capture services for the Film Productions, VFX Houses, Animation Studios, Game Development Studios, AR/VR Developers, Sports Analysis, Body Dynamics, Performance Capture, Theater, Dance and lots more.

Looking for a fleet of suits for your own studio, head over to our Products page. We can custom package a turnkey solution for your studio requirements well.


Virtual Production

Facial Capture