3D Digital capture

We Create Digital Assets in Photo Realistic Quality

3D scanning or photogrammetry is the process of capturing three-dimensional data of a real-world object which can then be used to construct a digital 3D model. This process is achieved through multiple photographs of the subject, prop or environment, then used to create a point cloud of geometric sample. 3D data is useful in a variety of applications the main one being the entertainment industry in the creation of both movies and video games. Other applications include but are not limited to: industrial design, construction, architecture, reverse engineering, 

When creating performance capture or 3D images, we record shape and detail from every angle, for realistic content that can be used across multiple platforms. We also offer prop scanning and modelling to bring any environment to life with the right style and vibe.



Our 3D scanning process uses photographic camera to shoot volumetric images of bodies, faces and heads. The images are captured at high resolution to create photo-realistic texture maps and depth cloud point 3D stills for games and film, animation and interactive applications.

Still more to come, we are only just getting started.